Get Preventive Maintenance Checklists for Every Asset

Get preventative maintenance and inspection checklists to streamline your property maintenance operations including:

  • Boiler, Chiller and Facility Maintenance
  • Pool, Hot Tub, Sauna, Steam Room
  • CCTV & Security Equipment
  • Restaurant Kitchen Equipment
  • Vehicle & Heavy Machinery
Xenia is an all-in-one tool for deskless teams:
Task Management
Team Accountability
Quality and Safety
Team Communication
Operations Analytics
Checklist Builder
SOP Template Library
Preventive Maintenance
Inspections & Audits
Asset Tracking
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One operations app for every use case.

Manage every role from maintenance to front line service teams.

Task Management
Quality and Safety
Team Accountability
Real-Time Collaboration

Centralized maintenance management.

Ditch paperwork, clipboards, and radios for a single app.

Work orders, inspections, and audits
Preventive Maintenance Management
Asset Management and maintenance history

Unite your team and improve accountability.

All your communication, centralized and secure.

Instantly communicate across your entire operation.
Distribute company-wide news with public announcements.
Internal and external contact directory

Operate seamlessly on mobile and web

Xenia is so simple, every role can start using in minutes.

Guaranteed ease of use across devices
Multi-lingual platform
Create tasks and add details with a few clicks.

Your Business Operations

Without Xenia
With Xenia
Disengaged and confused employees.
Scattered communication over multiple channels.
Dissatisfied customers, bad reviews.
Lack of visibility into operations
Confusing paper checklists and clipboards.
Missing tasks, failing inspections.